Specialties Offered by Bars during Their Happy Hours in Loveland CO

Happy hour in Loveland is something you should experience at least once in your life. As long as you are in the right bar, you should be able to enjoy happy hour to the finest—with loved ones, friends, or colleagues, and with the best food and beverages in town. Not all bars have the same type and quality of happy hour, so consider picking a bar that has the type of atmosphere that you want. mo’Betta Gumbo, for instance, is known for its happy hour bar in Loveland CO where you can enjoy Southern comfort food with your favorite moonshine. mo’Betta is a well-loved restaurant that serves Southern delicacies in Loveland, Colorado, and its bar is equally preferred by patrons for its variety of drinks and one-of-a-kind specialties.

Loveland Bar Specialties-moBetta Gumbo

The moonshine is one of the must-try drinks at mo’Betta Gumbo’s happy hour bar in Loveland CO.  Also known as ‘swampwater’, ‘bathtub gin’, and ‘white lightning’, moonshine’s name is derived from ‘moonshining’, a British verb pertaining to a job or activity performed at night. Moonshine has been an aspect of the Southern culture dating back to the Prohibition Era when alcohol was banned and caused underground distillers to make their shine under the moonlight. Chef Clay Caldwell of mo’Betta brings the beloved liquor to happy hour in Loveland (legally!).

Growing up near the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas, Chef Clay knows the history of moonshine, and he has a few shiners in his family tree, too. By combining past influences with present tastes, he is able to create more interesting flavors for moonshine, which you can enjoy at mo’Betta Gumbo. Head over during happy hour in Loveland CO and try moonshine in flavors like apple, strawberry, peach, orange, cinnamon, or coffee, or try it as a mixer with sweet tea, soda water, lemonade, or Dr. Pepper.

A happy hour bar in Loveland CO like mo’Betta offers a wider range of specialties you must try while you are there. Be sure to check out the selection of mules, like the Chile mule, which is a blend of Breckenridge Chili Chile vodka, lime, a splash of pineapple, and ginger, or consider the specialties under Team Favorites, like mo’Betta Mama, which is blood orange moonshine with pineapple juice, coconut rum, a splash of grenadine, and orange juice.

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