The Mo'Betta Story

Bringing the south to the Front Range

Chef Clay-moBetta GumboAfter my 25 plus years in the industry I came to the place where returning to my roots made a great deal of sense. Growing up in the South possibly could be the greatest childhood out there. The memories of Southern life still speak to me today. They became guide lines on how I treat and view my guests. I view it as they have walked into my home. I can remember my grandparents and parents entertaining weekly. It never mattered who was coming over or who would pop in for conversation. You seldom went beyond the kitchen table before a piece of pie fell onto a plate with a cup of coffee sliding across the table. My Grandfather Smithers loved to BBQ. Now Reese never knew what the word moderation looked like. We called it a "two chicken dinner" when he began cooking because he planned on feeding the entire Saline County! My strongest memory of my Grandmother Smithers was her cooking in the kitchen for a Sunday meal after church in a blue silk dress, high heals and diamonds! She was at home serving the ones she loved. She did it with grace and ease.

It was out of my grand parents that my Mother's love for people came. Now Mother, Anne only knows one way to do anything, full steam ahead! She has a flair for the dramatic. The simple invite over would become a full blow pizza party for 25 with the conversion of the ovens lined with bricks. She still enjoys her cooking from scratch and her love for all things done well. This is the heritage that I come from and the drive to peruse total satisfaction for my guests. It is a gift of love and elbow grease to say the least.

The move to Colorado really was for me to slow down and enjoy life more. This industry has a way of consuming you if your good at what you do. It is easier to justify it when you still love what you do though. Our life has changed for the better after moving here, the surroundings, community and family life have been a blessing to us. As our business has flourished we have had more free time to relax and enjoy the mountain life.


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Being from New Orleans I'm a hard judge of Cajun food but they have NAILED it! Great owners, great people and delicious food.

Catherine E.

Great food, great people and super atmosphere! Hospitality I have not experienced in a long, long time. Can't wait to go back!

Bobbi O.

This place has a atmosphere and phenomenal gumbo! 🙂 One of the best kept secrets in this tiny town.

Morgan B.