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Bringing The Party To You | Catering in Loveland CO

Catering in LovelandReally now, do you want to serve your guests the same old catering fare? Cold fried chicken, generic mac and cheese, and watery mashed potatoes, again? Or maybe you’re planning on just buying a bunch of carryout pizzas and some bottles of pop? As they say down South, that dog ain’t gonna hunt.

Because you see, when you have an event catered, it’s much more than than just giving your guests something to stick down their craw and wash it down with. It’s a golden opportunity to make an impression on them, often a first one.

At your wedding, you’re probably meeting many of your in-laws for the first time, and believe it, you want to impress them with your good taste and discernment. Same thing goes with business meetings, fundraising events, and even neighborhood get togethers. You’re meeting new people, and you want to put your best foot forward.

Mo’Betta Gumbo is ready to make you look good. We’ve just moved into new digs with a kitchen three times the size of the one we had. Our staff is in heaven. They’re chomping at the bit to serve up some Southern home cooking to big, adoring crowds.

So give them something different, something they’ve maybe not had the opportunity to try in Loveland, CO. Give them a taste of the old South with mo’Betta Gumbo.

We know you enjoy the flavors of southern home cooking. Now you can bring those flavors with you to your next event! Our catering will add a unique twist to any gathering, and your guests will look forward enjoying our delicious dishes. Contact us today to schedule your Mo’Betta Catering in Loveland CO!

  • – Weddings
  • – Fundraisers
  • – Business Meetings
  • – Birthday Parties
  • – Backyard BBQ’s

Groupies and Tour Buses | Group Dining in Loveland CO

Have a group?  Bringing a tour bus through town on your way to the national parks?  We can bring the catering in-house and serve up large family style meals in our restaurant. Group hosts and tour bus drivers eat free!

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